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where do you live in?应该把in去掉,in多余了,如果陈述句中后面加了地点,则可以用live in+地点。 where do you live?你住在哪里?

别争了,希望大家在回答有确定答案的题目前确认自己的答案,本着对他人负责的精神。 where是副词,不同介词搭配的,以下是朗文词典关于where的解释和例句: where Explanation: in or to which place Examples: Where do they live? Where are y...

不对,并且这一句话里面有两个动词. be动词are和动词live。 正确的可以说where do you live in? 望采纳谢谢

where do you live in 全部释义和例句>>你住在哪里 live in 英[liv in] 美[liv ɪn] [词典] 住在学习[工作]的地方; 住在(某地); 存在于…; 为…而生存; [例句]I just live in hope that one day she'll talk to me 我只是妄想着有一天她会和...

where do you live in beijing? 你住在北京的什么地方? 重点词汇释义 do you你愿意吗 live in住在学习[工作]的地方; 住在; 存在于…; 为…而生存 beijing北京,中华人民共和国首都

Where do you live ? Do you live in the _countryside_? You might live in a house. Your house might be on a farm .Do you live in a city? You may live in a tall building . your home would be one of the __flats_ inside . there are ...

用where do you live?较好。 回答者可以说I live in Beijing.


B.something wrong 肯定句用something,修饰它的形容词要后置

选B。顺便问一下,用by the way。 Happy New Year to you ahead of time!

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