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this wintEr, it is not wArm grEEtings.中文什么

Dear my clients, I am writing you on behalf of our group/organization/company to send our best greetings to you for the coming Christmas and...

warm greetings 温暖的问候 I would like to take this opportunity to convey to our guests the warm greetings fromlion microelectronics. 我愿借此开幕式之机向各位来宾表达立昂电子的热烈问候。 满意的话请点击“满意”【采纳】


Wishing you a song in your heart at Christmas and blessings all year long. 圣诞之际,祝你心中有首快乐的歌,新年快乐! Merry Christmas and happy...

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