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Give me just one night. 给我一个晚上。 例句:1、What are you doing tomorrow night?你明天晚上有什么活动?

好吧 我来试试 若有不对之处 请见谅 不是母语 也不是英语专业的 Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) 只需要给我一夜就好 If you're tellin' me you want me 如果你告诉我你渴望着我 Hold me close all through the night 请整晚都紧紧地拥着我 ...

肯定是这个...楼主的英文很坑爹...都听成这样了....是Mike Candys & Evelyn Feat. Patrick的歌名叫one night in ibiza。直接给分吧 哈哈

应该是这首,搜索歌名就能找到 No Distance - Jason Chen Loving you , has never felt more right this night Love is falling from the skies , with heaven in your eyes I always knew it would come down to you and I In this picture per...

《One More Minute》——Michael Learns 部分歌词:“Just give me one more minute Just give me one more day” 《One More Day》—— New Edition 部分歌词:“But with a little love I'll be alright,Just give me one more day,I promise I'll ...

just give me one day意思为“只需要给我一天的时间” 保证正确率,望采纳 如有疑问,请追问

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