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exercise 英 [ˈeksəsaɪz] 美 [ˈeksərsaɪz] n.练习; 运动,训练; 运用; 典礼 vi.锻炼,训练,练习 vt.锻炼(身体某部位); 使焦虑,使忧虑; 实行,发挥(作用); 运用 复数: exercises 过去式: exercised ...


exercise price 1.合约价 2.行使(某项权利,例如购买任择权时的)价格 3.期权履约价格

physical exercise 翻译: 体育运动,体育锻炼; 短语 physical exercise therapy体育疗法 ;体育治疗方法 Do regular physical exercise 经常做体育锻炼 Participate in physical exercise 参加体育锻炼 [例句] One of the best ways to do that ...

你做很多锻炼吗? Do you do a lot of exercise? 第一时间为你解答, 如有帮助,敬请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

锻炼身体:harden the body Doing exercises in the open air is good for your health. 露天锻炼身体有益你的健康。 I'm not a great believer in (taking) regular physical exercise. 我对经常锻炼身体的好处有点怀疑. Exercise stimulates th...

英语翻译: 很多学生根本不做运动 Many students don't exercise at all

No, I don’t,不经常 Never / I don’t exercise at all 我重不锻炼 Not (very) often…maybe once a week, every other week, etc. 不(很)经常......也许每周一次,每隔一周 等等。

You must do that exercise over so that you can do it well.


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