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able 有能力的 词源同habit,习惯,来自词根hab,居住,拥有,能力。与后缀-able词义几乎完全重合。 1. Chantal was lucky to be able to salvage her career. 尚塔尔能保住她的事业算是走了运。 2. The RAF recognized him as an out-standingly...

没有写错.be able to 和able to 都可以 I was able to finish 100M in 12 seconds. 我以前能在12秒内跑完100米 If you keep finishing your honmework by this way,you will not be able to pass your exams. 如果你一直用这样的方式来完成作业(...

She was able to pen the door. (1) be able to 强调通过努力而获得的能力,而can则强调自身已具有的能力.如: She can sing the song in English.她能用英语唱这首歌. He will be able to sing this song in English in a few minutes,too.几小...

I hope that everyone will be able to join in the fun.

I am able to dress myself .我能够自己穿衣了 The plane flew above the clouds 飞机在云层上方飞行 I want to go abroad for further study 我想出国留学深造

I will be able to hlep others in need. be able to释义:能够;能,会;克 例句: 1.They may be able to help with childcare so that you can have a break 他们可以帮忙照料孩子,这样你就可以歇一歇了。 2.If only I could get some sleep, ...

aviod 是动词,后要求加名词或动词的ing 分词。 avoidable是形容词,意思是可避免的。 如:You should avoid making that mistake. 你应该避免犯那样的错。 That mistake is avoidable. 这种错误是可避免的。 求采纳

It's right for an able leader to conquer and improve himself.

你好,很高兴回答你的问题。 用was able a ticket to 造句: I was lucky to be able to buy a discount ticket. 我碰巧买到了一张打折的机票。

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