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I am Gina.I 'm Gina.

No,Idon is jina


My name is Gina.I come from Beijing.I am student from No.1.Middle School.I’m tall and thin with a round face,big eyes,high nose and small mouth.I‘m an very outgoing girl who love laughing.My favourite subject is Maths.Because i...

我的名字叫吉娜李亚华 My name is Li Yahua Gina. 我的名字叫吉娜李亚华 My name is Li Yahua Gina.

I'm Gina. My name is Gina. Gina is me. Gina is my name. This is Gina.

Is your name Gina?

My friend Jack and Gina.

她的名字是吉娜,她是个英国女孩----Her name is zina, she is an English girl

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