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1)out of danger/in danger/in danger of 脱离危险/危险/处于……危险中 2)after all 毕竟 3)pass sth to sb/sb sth 递东西给某人/给某人某物 4)flight with sb/against sb/for 为了……和某人打架 5)in great need of help 急需帮忙 6)hear o...

1, with the deepening of learning 2. With the deepening of the understanding of professional knowledge

在八月:In August 在10月20日:On October 20 打嗝世界纪录:World record for hiccupping 一年零六个月:A year and six months 学骑自行车:Learning to ride a bicycle 电影明星:Movie star 一个叫汤姆的男孩:A boy named Tom

Parking lot; parking area Public restroom The corner of central avenue A art museum building Good place for meal Seeking help polite

1. at the conjunction of two boxes of a subway. 2. The subway is so crowded that I can only stand on where I am. 3. Love is never absent from our daily life, what we lack of is our sensitive awareness towards love. 4 Love betwe...

Keep quiet! No eating! No listening to music! No carrying of bags! No smoking! Return books on time!

Nazi Germany 德国的法西斯 invading forces of Nazi Germany 德国法西斯侵略军 certain victory 一定胜利

1.You do me too much honor 2.Nice to meet you 3.Please accept kindly 4.You are very kind 5.Not leave without seeing each other 6.Congratulate on become rich

Tina is doing homework. Mike is wacthing TV. They are playing basketball. Unckle Wang isn't reading. I am writing to my friend. We are having supper at home Sally and Jim aren't having their English class. a$%%$%$^##@#@$#$%%$``...

1 several friends 2 have the mildew to transport 3 to prepare food 4 to look like 5 to write a letter to me a 6 one-piece dress 7 to look likely movie 8 go to Omei 9 to make the different matter 10 to give somebody to transmit ...

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